Sports Performance Management

There is the potential to improve.
Based on his/her abilities or weaknesses it is possible to refine a great competitor; but there is a difference between a great and an excellent competitor.
To obtain the excellence, a sportsman doesn’t have to perform perfectly on all aspects involved; a marathon runner only has to prepare one race. He/she had been preparing in order to face a race which distance has already been stablished and he would know how long the race would take if everything goes to plan. Apart from this he/she would find other things to face such as the weather (a change could be positively or negatively critical), an injury could make him/her slow down or even abandon the race. It
does not have to be anything important, it could be an ulcer on his toe, trapped wind, nerves or even a wrongly start where he/she is a few seconds ahead of him/herself as he/she feels could be left behind by the pack.
But what about football?
First, it’s a team sport so the relationship withing the team has a great impact on the performance of the player. Our player might be very fit, super confident, have a very high self esteem and be very keen to play but the game depends in so many more things than just the player’s capability with the ball. Parents insist in sending their kids to train in order for them to be confident and capable with the ball.
A study showed that during a 90 ninute match a player might have the ball from 1 to 3 minutes; the rest of the time he/she has no contact with the ball at all.
There are so many things that a football match depends on; too many in fact. No one really has the ball, it is on the floor and it constantly goes from the red to the blue team. There is no real possession of the ball, players might have it at different times but they don’t possess it. In games such basketball the player takes the ball with his/her hands and the ball is possessed as there is no way to take it from them. In 99% of cases if the ball is snathed by the defender there would be a foul. In football we have to manage many aspects of our player’s performance in many different situations; it would be almost impossible to explain all of them in writing. If you want your player to learn more about
him/herself and you also want to know how to manage all the aspects involved in order for him/her to be more efficient based on his/her abilities and/or weaknesses, you must find a proffessional sports (football) performance manager (coach).